Spin Master A-1 is a turntable artist who uses his expressive attitude and power to showcase his ideas during live performances. Currently a DJ for Shing02, Spin Master A-1 has set out to expand the scope of his activities as a turntablist and producer.


In 2019, the albums “246911”(with Shing02) and ‘MAWASHI’ were released. Both productions showcase raw energy, while bringing traditional Japanese instrumentals to the forefront. In 2020, the follow-up breakbeats album “B-BOY IN THE SAMURAI SHADOW” was released.


Discography aside, Spin Master A-1 has profiled his personal beat production process and fingerdrumming techniques during an official “Today at Apple” live workshop event in Kyoto. He has participated as a judge for DMC DJ competitions, promoted apparel brands under ambassadorship, has functioned as an advisor of DJ equipment, and is an ambassador for the Beat Junkies DJ collective in Los Angeles.