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▼SPIN MASTER A-1 ▼ Sound creator/DJ turntablist

SPIN MASTER A-1 is a sound creator, DJ, and turntablist who has released several albums with artist Shing02, including "246911". Recent works include "Ushiro Kitsukeya with SHINGO Nishinari (feat. Red Eye)", and "Rashinban", an album under his own name, as well as a series of breakbeat albums such as B-BOY IN THE SAMURAI SHADOW.

He has also been involved in a wide range of activities, including music production for global footwear giant NIKE Japan’s promotional video "WAMONO" and highly-acclaimed stop-motion animation "HIDARI," released in 2023.

He is currently updating his live performance and music production by adding turntables and drum machines.


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